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A camera lens allows you to capture the most beautiful angles and light. Our photographers know the many nuances which can be found in an image, and how to emphasize its individuality. A beautiful and high-quality photo is the dream of every person, as photos capture moments which can never be repeated. It is pleasant to remember life situations captured on camera; a part of our memory is stored in photos.

Courses on the art of photography
We offer
A course in which you learn the basic skills of photographing and creating compositions at a professional level. We will not only tell you how to take and process photos, but also take your knowledge to the street to practice!
We explain
As well as we can and work with each student individually.

Training takes place 3 times a week for 1.5 hours each time.
The schedule will be based on the wishes of the group, which will consist of 10-15 people.

"Leadership" office, Lenina 138 (crossing Koenkozova), Karakol

120 KGS per lesson.

To take part (places are limited, but the trainings are held on an ongoing basis), just call us at +996555837225

Telephone: + 996 555 837 225
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