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Courses on cutting and sewing: an inexpensive way to learn skills for the future
Learning to sew is a profitable and exciting creative activity, and sometimes can bring you extra money. If you learn to sew, you can always sew simple things for fast-growing children, replace the zipper in a jacket or jeans, sew curtains or furniture covers, and as a result, significantly save the family budget. In addition, the ability to sew neatly and beautifully is an opportunity to make money on your hobby.

Courses for cutting and sewing
We offer
Courses in which you learn to work on a sewing machine, correctly measure, make sketches, cut and sew! A master with experience will help to comprehend all the basics of the art of sewing and will teach you how to sew fashionable clothes.
We explain
everything is as accessible as possible, we show everything in practice and work with each student individually!

One training takes 14 days in total. There are 3 lessons per week for 2 hours each.

If you wish to continue training, you will be trained in modeling and designing clothes.

The schedule will be based on the wishes of the group, which will consist of 10-15 people.

Place of study:

"Leadership" office, Lenina 138 (crossing Koenkozova), Karakol

Training price: 3000 KGS.

To take part (places are limited, but the trainings are held on an ongoing basis), just call us at +996555837225

All the course components are well thought-out and serve one single purpose - so that you learn how to sew in the shortest possible time. Sign up for classes, and very soon you will be able to wear things of your own making!

Telephone: + 996 555 837 225
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