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Hiking, biking tour of Karakol and its surroundings

The city of wooden shutters and carved platbands – that's Karakol! A one-day tour of Karakol and its surroundings is a rich walk through the city. We walk through neighbourhoods with buildings preserved from the late 19th century; houses with carved wooden platbands, and windows framed with shutters in the style belonging to the wooden architecture of the Russian Empire.
One-day walking tour in Karakol and its surroundings

We offer
Several types of tours you can choose from, which you can be taken in two ways: on foot or by bike:

  • Historical Tour: visit houses and buildings of wooden carved architecture;
  • Travel notes on Karakol Tour: visit tourist sites, an antique and a souvenir shop;
  • Tourist Tour: The Orthodox Church, the Dungan Mosque and Przhevalsky Museum).

Duration: 2-4 hours
Within a few hours you have the opportunity to visit major sights of the city, including:

  • The Dungan Mosque: built without a single nail;
  • The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church: entirely made of wood;
  • The History Museum: presenting the daily lives and crafts of the peoples living in the Issyk-Kul region.
  • An antiques shop: Soviet-era nostalgia for sale
  • Green city parks: each with its own monuments
Most importantly, you will learn about the charming old wooden „Russian" houses which were erected 149 years ago. The buildings' architecture is related to that of the Russian Empire, with wooden carved platbands and shutter-framed windows. Furthermore, will all enjoy the beauty of the mountains towering over Karakol half an hour away from the city!

Individual walking tour - 700 KGS
Group of 2 to 4 people - 400 KGS per person
Group of 4 to 8 people - 300 KGS per person
Individual cycling tour - 1000 KGS
Group of 2 to 4 people - 500 KGS per person
Group of 4 to 8 people - 450 KGS per person

The tour price includes:

1.Excursion with a guide;

2. Entrance tickets for sightseeing spots;

3. Bike tour: bicycle rental

4.Travel Notes tour: Tea party in an old house

Bike rental is also available!

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